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Plumber in Croydon

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Here at Plumber in Croydon, I cover a variety of blockage, heating, and plumbing works (see my specialisations).

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A Closer Look at My Plumbing Works

For outstanding plumbing services, trust Plumber in Croydon to do the work for you. Check out some of the residential plumbing system projects that I have accomplished in and around Croydon, England!

The Installation Plans of Sanitary and Radiators

  • I prefer using raw materials such as PE-Xa or Pexal of copper for plumbing and heating.

  • PE-Xa costs better than plant-based PPR.
  • PE-Xa and Pexal brands include Rehau, Uponor, CEEC, Franchisen, Sistema, Kalde, and Ivar.
  • There Flos lately Polipoprilena site PPR.
  • I use safer methods, such as crimping and slip sleeve.
  • I use both methods of distribution, as well as the tees in tee method, for heating and plumbing, and telescopic or the distributor seamless method in Sapa.

  • In both methods, jointing in Sapa or wall is guaranteed to last for 10 years.

  • Distributors and brass fittings and valves quality.
  • Quality parts and leaking drain pipe quality.
  • Gutters and siphons quality German.
  • Frames Hanging WC, bidet, toilet quality German.
  • Septic tanks, grease separators, wastewater treatment plants, water softener.



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